10 May

Shaking Man – Artist: Terry Allen

The following dialogue between a mom and her son around the statue:
Mom: How many hands are there?
Son: (counting quietly one, two, three…)
Mom: So, how many hands?
Son: (still counting and then…) Too many.
Me: That’s a good answer. 🙂
I guess you never know what kind of answer you will get from a boy 🙂


Haight Ashbury | San Francisco, CA

8 May

Finally revisited this neighborhood last Saturday. If you are in town for a visit, make sure to explore this area. Guarantee, you will get this “hippie” vibe here. As always, let my photos tell stories 😉

Since my coffee-addict friend craved for a cup of coffee, we made a stop at Cantata Coffee Company. I couldn’t resist to take photos inside, so I asked permission from the lady behind the cashier (I believe she’s the owner) if that would be okay for me to take photos and she said yes. Then the gentleman (I believe he’s also the owner) even asked me wether I need the lights to be turned on. I politely said no and smiled. Don’t you think they were so nice?

For dinner, we decided to try on local restaurant in the area (actually my hubby and friend have been here before, so I was the first timer), Cha Cha Cha. Judging from the queueing line, it’s definitely one of the popular restaurants there.


steamed black mussels

fried calamari

cha3 jerk chicken

Cha3 Jerk Chicken might not be photogenic, but it’s delicious! I like the sauce and recommend it. If you are planning to ask me how’s the sangria, I can give the answer because I am not the best person to ask about anything related with alcoholic beverage. All I can say is most of the table ordered it. That’s a part of my weekend, how’s yours? 🙂

dinner, months ago | Rancho Cordova, CA

23 Apr

Months ago my husband and I went to Sacramento and spent overnight in Rancho Cordova. It was dinner time and we did not know anything about the area, so we asked one of the hotel staffs a good place for dinner and she suggested us about this Thai food restaurant, Sala Thai. The restaurant is located just minutes away from where we stayed. The first thing that caught my attention was the interior .


The picture just do its own judgement right 😉 We did not seat in this part of the area though. While waiting for our order, we had conversation with the owner and waiter and they were very friendly. So, these are just some what we had:


I don’t remember much on the menu that we had, but I do recall the memory that the portions were generous 🙂 Make sure you stop by at this restaurant when you are in the area.


hello 2012!

20 Jan

Can’t believe the first month of 2012 is almost over. I feel like time is ticking much faster these days. How are your days so far? 🙂

Skenario Bobo Malam

29 Dec

Merry Belated Christmas everyone. I know it has been days since Christmas, but better late than never right 😉 *ngeles aja terus yach…

Jadi sekarang uda jem 2.38 pagi2 buta dan gua masih ga bisa bobo T.T spertinya “penyakit kambuhan” ini nongol lagi.

Anyway, I have been wondering gimana sich skenario bobo malam kalian? Kalau gua dari dulu emang uda terkenal dengan bobo malem, dimana jam tidur gua kayaknya ga  normal dech untuk seumuran gua. Salut lha saya buat kalian yang jem 9/10/11 malem uda bobo soalnya gua minimal jem 12 malem baru bisa bobo. Skali2nya bisa tidur lebih awal itu pasti karena super duper cape atau lagi sakit.

Tradisi bobo malem ini juga berlanjut ampe sekarang uda merit. Jadi, tiap malem suami gua udah dengan sukses ngorok, smentara gua masih harus berjuang buat bobo sambil berusaha ga denger suara ngoroknya. Trus setiap gua senggol2 suami dan bilang “aku blum bisa bobo negh.”, dia pasti dengan manisnya jawab “hm…hm…” dan berlanjutlha bobo dan ngoroknya >.< Saat2 sperti ini bener2

gua ngarep kayak Nobita, yang ngeliat bantal langsung molor. Nah, buat yang uda merit ada yang ngalamin hal serupa ga? Hehe…

Tampaknya gua akan blogwalking dulu dech ampe bisa bobo T.T

Goodbye to bad news! :)

20 Dec

Buat teman2 yang uda concern ama postingan terakhir gua sebelum ini, gua ucapin thank you banget 🙂 Apalagi ada beberapa teman2 yang baru mampir 🙂 But i decided, to take off the post from publication, just because I just want to drag the blog from the negativity effect ;p But hey promise to write something else.


17 Nov

“when you claim you have a dream and don’t try hard enough to reach it, then probably it’s NOT your dream”